About Us

OutsourceSg.com is an outsourcing company and was founded more than 14 years ago in Singapore that provides better results at lower costs through helping Singapore SMEs to outsource job position to the Philippines, which first started and grown as a real estate agency that specializes in Sales and Rental of High End private properties in the East coast area of Singapore.

By providing 100% commitment and exceptional service to our clientele of Landlords, Tenants, Buyers, Investors and Sellers, we have established a niche in this market and can be clearly distinguished from other companies as the leader in this area. Back then we are known as The Property Specialist Ptd. Ltd. In October 2010 we begun expanding and operating in Cebu City Philippines handling Advertising, Coordination and Telemarketing for our Real Estate company where we are continuously growing, that then The Property Specialist.com Inc. was established.

We fully understand the manpower shortage concern in Singapore and we are committed to help Singapore SMEs by supporting them with manpower that they need for their business operation.

We are a one stop service that provide everything from manpower to office space and equipment

We are currently expanding our organization further!