Outsourcing is the use of an outside vendor to handle a project that normally draws on internal resources. Using outside resources allows you to concentrate, cost effectively, on your core competencies.

  • Represent the business to its customers and potential customers
  • Maintain customer satisfaction
  • Maximize custom retention
  • Maximize new customer attraction
  • Generate revenue for the business
  • Act as a marketing tool for the business
  • Gather market data for the business
  • Fulfill its objectives in a timely and cost efficient manner
  • Interact successfully with other business units within the organization
  • Provide measurable statistics related to its objectives.

Advantages of outsourcing includes possible reduction in cost, improved efficiency, and the additional of outside expertise that a company may not have, or be able to build, internally. Call center outsourcing services leverage the power of the World Wide Web with leading-edge call center technology to provide unique, transparent communications solutions. Using custom developed call center technology; a call center is able to provide customers with a powerful tool for customer relationship management. By employing a rapid application development tool, it can create multi-lingual customized call center scripts to suit the customer’s specific needs with the fastest ramp up times in our industry. Furthermore, a call center can seamlessly integrate its call center solutions into the clients’ systems to increase efficiencies and reduce costs.

Outsourcing in the Philippines is certainly a first-rate choice because of reduced operating costs, maximized productivity and exceptional work force. The Philippines has a rich pool of qualified workers. Filipino workers are noteworthy for their flexibility, work ethic, loyalty, and trainability. The Philippines also has excellent infrastructure and favorable environment for business and telecommunications. Outsourcing in the Philippines equals low cost but high quality services.

I. Outbound/Inbound call center services (as if clients are just calling local numbers)

a. Voice                                   b. Non-Voice

– client coordination                  – chat

– telemarketing services            – email

c. Dynamic database to be tailored for your needs/demands

II. Advertisement  

– email / SMS blasting

-web postings

 III. Admin tasks

-Human Resource



Other services we offer

ü  Data entry

ü  Encoding

ü  Personal/ Virtual Assistant

ü  Web Research

Every customer has a number of ‘ideal world’ expectations when they contact a Call Center – namely:

  • – They will get through quickly to someone who can help them.
  • – The person with whom they speak will be able to help them.
  • – The person with whom they speak will be polite and attentive

If they are promised a call back, they WILL get a call back. In addition, when a customer is contacted by a sales person from an outbound, it is understood that: – They will be polite.

  • – They will not attempt to confuse or trick the customer.
  • – They will answer all questions truthfully and accurately.
  • – They will ‘have time’ for the customer.